About us

Welcome to Oro Negro restaurant, where we strive to provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience to our diners! Our Chef, Matteo Cantarello, with his passion for good food made from simple and flavorful dishes, ensures that each of our creations is a memorable experience. We specialize in Josper charcoal-baked meats, unparalleled Mediterranean fish, and glimpses of the most genuine and haute cuisine from Italy. 

We offer a wide selection of dishes, including a delicious range of appetizers, flavorful main courses, and irresistible desserts, all made with high-quality ingredients and PDO products. We carefully select our meats from the display case and fish from the fish market for their quality and taste. 

In addition, we have a professional and highly trained team to provide recommendations and pairings. Feel free to ask them about our exquisite selection of wines that perfectly complement our menu.

And let's not forget about our extensive wine cellar, with both standard and premium beverages that perfectly complement our menu! So don't wait any longer! Come and enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience that you will surely remember!

Features of our Josper Oven

At Oro Negro, we have a Josper oven. The main advantage of these ovens is that they sear the product without overcooking it., thanks to its high temperature that seals the food and closes its pores on the outermost layer.

This way, it imparts a unique tenderness to its preparations, as well as an aroma and texture that cannot be achieved with other types of oven or grill systems. The Josper oven stands out for imparting a unique flavor to the ingredients and better retaining the essence of each food.

Our Menu

At Oro Negro, we have an extensive menu where charcoal-grilled meats, unparalleled Mediterranean fish, and glimpses of the most genuine and haute Italian cuisine coexist. We are well aware, these culinary delights could only hail from such a place as the Mediterranean.