At Oro Negro restaurant, we offer our diners a unique gastronomic experience. Our avant-garde cuisine stands out for the use of high-quality ingredients and local products.

En nuestros restaurante te esperan exquisitas carnes al horno de carbón Josper, incomparables pescados del mediterráneo y destellos de la más genuina y alta gastronomía italiana procedente de un icono del mediterráneo.

About us

At Oro Negro, we take pride in offering our guests a unique experience. A modern, intimate, and elegant atmosphere, where we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. We take great care in selecting the finest meats for our display, fresh fish from the local markets and farm-fresh vegetables, ensuring that our customers receive only the very best.
Nuestro enfoque culinario es una combinación de la cocina de vanguardia con la cocina tradicional, con énfasis en un servicio excepcional y atención al detalle. No dude en contar con nuestro equipo profesional y ampliamente capacitado, para recomendaciones, maridajes…

The menu

At Oro Negro, we have an extensive menu where charcoal-grilled meats, unparalleled Mediterranean fish, and glimpses of the most genuine and haute Italian cuisine coexist. We are well aware, these culinary delights could only hail from such a place as the Mediterranean.

Mateo's Kitchen

Our Chef

Our cuisine is born under the guidance of Matteo Cantarello, born in Este (Padua), a graduate chef from the Hotel Institute of Adria (Rovigo).

He exported traditional Venetian cuisine to the Canary Islands.

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